What is the Change log?

The SkullCraft change log is here for you to see what updates/changes/bug fixes etc. have been done recently on the server. you can keep up to date with everything ingame and on the website to make sure you dont miss out on any cool features!

ID Change Reason Where By
#11 Added new farming items and increased prices for Mob Drops, Farming Items and some others price changes. Change Ingame iLewisMC
#10 Fly and God mode will now automatically be disabled when entering PVP, Spleef and Survival Games. Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#09 Shop 'Buy More' & 'Sell More' button is now fixed. This allows you to buy or sell multiple stacks of an item. Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#08 Titan, Emperor and Conqueror ranked donators can now access /heal. Change Ingame iLewisMC
#07 Configured files and settings to further reduce server lag. Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#06 By default auto claiming containers and blocks is now disabled. You can reenable this in your /settings menu. Change Ingame iLewisMC
#05 Donators Elite+ can now use /nick Change Ingame iLewisMC
#04 Transfered to paper.jar to reduce server lag Change Ingame iLewisMC
#03 Added some higher rewards onto chatreactions and also added some new words. Change Ingame iLewisMC
#02 Quite a few minor and major bugs fixed Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#01 Skyblock V4 Public launch Release Ingame iLewisMC
#74 Skyblock V3 Closure for revamp Closure Ingame iLewisMC
#73 Portal page now display correct current players / max players online data. Bug fix Website iLewisMC
#72 Voting page leaderboard now display correct data from the voting database. Bug fix Website iLewisMC
#71 Please do not use the same or similar command" Bug has now been fixed. Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#70 Core Update:
• Made it so /sellall can only be used with the Shop island
• Made it so players get a msg notifcation when they recieve crystals
• Added chairs feature (Only usable in the skyblock world)
• Revamped command blocking system
• If I player is within the "Jail" region or within either of these (EventWorld, Minigames, PVP, Skyblock_Nether) worlds players can't /tp (playername) to them. (this shouldnt block /tpa)
• If a player leaves one of either EventWorld or minigames words then clear all potion effects.
Update Ingame iLewisMC
#69 Added no fall damage to parkour levels. Update Ingame iLewisMC
#68 Moved back to spigot.jar (Instead of paperspigot) This was due to bugs caused by paper spigot. Update Ingame iLewisMC
#67 Kit enderpearl permissions bug now fixed Update Ingame iLewisMC
#66 Error no perms message on using eggs has now been fixed. Update Ingame iLewisMC
#65 Chat hover placeholders and click msg fixed Update Ingame iLewisMC
#64 Daily Rewards (upto 7days) has been released. Update Ingame iLewisMC
#63 Game Mechanics: player-collisions has now been disabled, Shielf crafting and off hand have no been re-enabled. Change Ingame iLewisMC
#62 Gamerule announceAdvancements false Update Ingame iLewisMC
#61 Kits: Weekly, Monthly & Once have now been released! /kit Update Ingame iLewisMC
#60 Mob spawner and grinder bugs now fixed. (mob spawning has been turned down slightly to reduce lag.) Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#59 Added new auctions plugin. Use /auction Update Ingame iLewisMC
#58 Added All 1.12 features, mobs, items and blocks Update Ingame iLewisMC
#57 Logic & formatting changes to ingame private message Change Ingame iLewisMC
#56 Added Emoticons help GUI. Use either: /emoticons, /emotes or /emojis Update Ingame iLewisMC
#55 Exp now drops on death (in the form on a bottle) Change Ingame iLewisMC
#54 Minor changes & updates to the auto broadcasts Change Ingame iLewisMC
#53 Added 5 more jump pads & improved lighting throughout /warp pvp Change Ingame iLewisMC
#52 New scoreboard design throughout network. Change Ingame iLewisMC
#51 Minor updates & changes to /kit guide Change Ingame iLewisMC
#50 Removed expbottles from sellall villager (This was requested to stop accidental selling of your bottled up exp) Change Ingame iLewisMC
#49 Added one use /kit Guide (Newbies also get this book) Change Ingame iLewisMC
#48 On join chat lag bug fixed Bug Fix Ingame iLewisMC
#47 Added 9 new rewards to Vote Crate Change Ingame iLewisMC
#46 All servers now auto reboot on crash Change Ingame iLewisMC
#45 Small changes to chat hover box, It now correctly displays EXP & crystals Bug Fix Ingame iLewisMC
#44 Tags GUI is now up and running /tags Update Ingame iLewisMC
#43 Added ability to convert xp info bottle form /xpbottle <amount> Update Ingame iLewisMC
#42 Added bounties pvp feature /bounties Update Ingame iLewisMC
#41 God is now disabled in the nether. Meaning no one can use it. Change Ingame iLewisMC
#40 Change gamerule maxEntityCramming from 24 to 50. Change Ingame iLewisMC
#39 Ingame Smileys/Emojis have been released. Use: :wb: :diamond: :heart: :<3: :star: Update Ingame iLewisMC
#38 /warp shop Weekly Deal item has been changed. "Spikey Blue Pickle" Change Ingame iLewisMC
#37 Spawner & their changing GUI is now completely setup. Update Ingame iLewisMC
#36 All islands & donors now talk in &7 (grey) chat colour. Players with the ability to use chat colours can use them. Change Ingame iLewisMC
#35 Major PVP mechanics change:
• Remove weapon cooldown
• Disable player collisions
• Setting tool damage as in pre-1.9 (customisable)
• Disable sword sweep attack
• Enchanted golden apple crafting
• Enchanted & golden apple potion effects like in pre-1.9
• Fishing rods knockback and damage like in pre-1.9
• Make players regenerate like in pre-1.9 & with correct exhaustion
• Have armour be as strong as in pre-1.9
• Make shields block 1/2 a heart instead of reduce damage to 33%
• Disable random projectile trajectories
• Re-add snowball, egg & enderpearl knockback
Change Ingame iLewisMC
#34 Brand new PVP arena /pvp Change Ingame iLewisMC
#33 Changed max player count to 250 players Change Ingame iLewisMC
#32 Global Scoreboard cosmetic changes Change Ingame iLewisMC
#31 Removed block for netherstars to be sold in auction Change Ingame iLewisMC
#30 Fixed stats saving Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#29 Sell all gives money to 2 decimal places Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#28 Fixed major crystals shop bugs Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#27 Minor general typo fixes Change Ingame iLewisMC
#26 Relaunch and Easter kit removed Change Ingame iLewisMC
#25 Vote Crates & keys have been setup Update Ingame iLewisMC
#24 Monthly voting totals have been reset for May Change Ingame iLewisMC
#23 Coloured wool sell prices added to the sign shop and sell all villager Update Ingame iLewisMC
#22 Auto entity clear has been change to now not remove minecarts & paintings Change Ingame iLewisMC
#21 MobArena has been re-enabled but know you must kill all boss for the level/wave to increase Change Ingame iLewisMC
#20 Slightly nerfed economy for ore selling Change Ingame iLewisMC
#19 Added more spawn points to /warp pvp Change Ingame iLewisMC
#18 Gave players access to toggle their scoreboards /fb toggle Change Ingame iLewisMC
#17 Blocked the use of /me and its aliases, Finding other ways of using this command is bannable Change Ingame iLewisMC
#16 Nerfed cactus sell prices to $0.94 per block from the origianl $1.25 (making them now sell for the same as sugarcane) Change Ingame iLewisMC
#15 Commands /m, /msg, /r etc. for communition are now working Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#14 Mob damage in /warp Mob has been disabled Change Ingame iLewisMC
#13 PVP is now enabled in the Nether world (outside of the spawn area) Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#12 Fixed keepInventory game rule to now be ture in all worlds (You now dont lose items on death) Bug fix Ingame iLewisMC
#11 Minor shop/eco balancing changes Update Ingame iLewisMC
#10 Revamped voting websites & rewards Update Ingame iLewisMC
#9 Fixed eco Update Ingame iLewisMC
#8 General chat, gui, scoreboard, tablist etc. formats improved/revamped Update Ingame iLewisMC
#7 Particle added throughout server spawn Update Ingame iLewisMC
#6 New and improved portal page & general edits to whole site Update Website iLewisMC
#5 Redeveloped playerheads plugin. Now allowing for sale of heads at /warp shop Update Ingame iLewisMC
#4 Updated all Skyblock server .jars ready for relaunch Update Ingame iLewisMC
#3 Reorganized forum categories and added; Events, Suggestions, Developer applications and Media/Marketing Applications forums. Update Website iLewisMC
#2 Updated logo throughout server and website. Update Website iLewisMC
#1 Added feature for forum profile cover images. Update Website iLewisMC