Quick Answer Questions:

Q: How can I connect to SkullCraft?

A: Our IP is play.skull-craft.com but If you dont know how to connect, you can learn how on our gamemodes page. Click the red button label "Need help joining?"

Q: How can I support the server?

A: You can support the server by donating to our store page, where you will be rewarded ingame rank, items, crate keys and much more!

Q: Who owns SkullCraft?

A: Over the years many different people have been involved in SkullCraft but currently it is owned by one person, iLewisMC (Lewis)

What type of server is SkullCraft?

A: SkullCraft is currently a hybrid network server with mutiple gamemodes which you can check out HERE

Q: How old is SkullCraft?

A: SkullCraft as a whole is currently around 4 years old, We have been in v2 for just over 1 year now.

Q: Are you currently looking for staff members?

A: Yes, Were always looking for new staff members! You can apply HERE

Detailed Answer Questions:

Q: I can't connect to SkullCraft, what should I do?

A: Being unable to connect to SkullCraft can be caused by a wide range of issues, if SkullCraft is not resolving in your server list then your ISP is most likely unable to resolve our servers, or it may be your DNS servers.

If you can see SkullCraft online, but you can't connect to the main hub it is possible that we are either down for maintenance or Mojang's authentication servers are offline - you must wait for these to come back online (check status of Mojang services here), additionally you can check our forums or new page for updates and maintenance announcements.

Q: Ive donated, but havent been credited my purchases.

A: If you have purchased something from our webstore and you haven't got in on any server or globally after the 15 minute waiting period then please contact our support team and we will be able to assit you with the issue. Please note that eChecks can take up to 7 days to clear, once the eCheck has cleared you will be credited your rank within 15 minutes.

Q: I found a bug on a server, how do I report it?

A: If you have found a bug on SkullCraft that could affect other people's gameplay, or damage our servers then please report this to us. We take all bug reports very seriously and do our best effort to minimise bugs on the network - we are also planning a bug bounty program! If you have found a bug and it is deemed to be legitimate, depending on the level of severity you can be rewarded things such as ingame items to donator ranks.