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SkullCraft Discord
SkullCraft now has its own discord server, discord allows you to communicate with the rest of the server via voice and chat. It let's you get to know the staff, server and make new friends!

First you'll need to make an account and verify it at
Then click this link:
And you will have joined!

- Please use your username in-game as your discord username, this helps us to get to know you better!
- Ranks on discord will be released when the server opens, as will the other channels.
- Staff interviews are done on discord so it is essential if you are thinking of becoming staff!

SkullCraft Official Discord Rules:

Please read carefully. Not adhering to these rules may result in a mute/kick/ban from here, the website and ingame.

- Do not...
Hello all,
Firstly I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the start of 2017!

As you mostly likely know from my previous post, I am now in full time employment and don't have much time on my hands. Hence the reason I am going to be training a co-owner @Doctor_Jaffacake to help me maintain SkullCraft. I now no longer work on a weekend which enables me to have a little more time on my hands.

Plans for SkullCraft v3 Re-launch
SkullCraft will most likely be re-launched within 1 month. (Please not pester me if it's slightly over that). I have been thinking that it would be good to have a new start.. island.. eco.... inventory etc. this would b beneficial in many different ways, Firstly that I could reconfigure the skyblock plugin to allow for island borders around 500-1000 blocks in each direction from your island spawn point, There's possibilities to enable nether and end.. Stabler eco.

Vote for "Should Island's, Eco and Inventories be...
Hello SkullCrafters,: :bananahype:

I thought Id make this post to address some of the posts i've been seeing on the forums recently, Also to tell you guys know what's happening with me in general. Ive now left college and have started a new job at Beagle Engineering as a Web Sales Developer, I work 39 hours a week, go the gym for about an hour a day and also work in my dad's shop on weekends(Sunday is my only day off). This means the time that I have spare currently is very minimal... I'm trying to get the server to a stage where an experienced co-owner can step in a help me out (Please dont message me about co-owner.. I've got someone lined up).

The main question getting asked is you guys wondering when the server is actually going to be re-released. The trustful answer is that i'm not even sure, at some point SkullCraft will reopen (Extremely rough estimate = Before 2017)

Ive also been seeing people wondering what's happened to current SkullCraft and will I keep my island,...