Easter Update & Build Minigame Competition

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    Hey SkullCrafters,
    Firstly of all id like to say, I hope you, your friends and family are okay in this unpredictable time. For those of you that are wondering Im doing well and at this time everyone around me are good to, Thank you.

    Myself and the SkullCraft Team have been working very hard over the past weeks to push out this Easter Update and its packed full of new releases, improvements, changes and bug fixes.

    In addition to this update, we are running in-store sale that will be live until Apr 15th, 2020 at 11:59pm!

    Browse our in-store packages online at store.skull-craft.com

    Minigame Build Competition
    Competition ID - Minigame Build Competition
    We are launching another Build Competition this time the theme is Minigames/Events. This gives you guys the opportunity to build your own Minigames. This could be anything a Hunger Games Arena, Spleef, Dropper, Mob Arena, PVP Arena, 1vs1 Duel Arena, Your own custom minigame? the possibilities are endless!

    All entries will be set up by Staff and played throughout an upcoming weekend by the community. (Please note: If you would like to.. you are allowed to have up to 10 command block locations within your arena. Write down commands and forward to staff) The top three winning entries will be set up as permanent public minigames for people to play forever!

    Dates - Start 12th April 2020 | End 30th April 2020
    Rewards -
    1st. $50 In-store Coupon *For each island member
    2nd. $25 In-store Coupon *For each island member
    3rd. $15 In-store Coupon *For each island member

    Judging -
    Your island will be judged by staff members using the following grading system;
    Creativity x/10 (How creative and unique is the minigame?)
    Fun x/10 (How fun was it to play?)
    Versatile x/10 (Could two play with just as much fun as ten?)
    Buildings x/10 (How much effort was put into building?)
    Your island would be graded out of a max 40 points.

    Submission -
    To submit your island you need to create a post within the General Discussions section of the forums. First, ensure you include '[Minigame Build Competition]' at the beginning of your post title, then detail your island warp and provide at least 5 screenshots of your Minigame. You are allowed to submit as many entries as you would like but your minigame graded with the best score will be automatically chosen as your main entry.

    If you want to, you can upload a video in place of the screenshots, or in addition to them. If you post a video be sure to make it public for people to see and title it something like "SkullCraft Skyblock Minigame Build Competition Entry" and include it with the post on your thread.

    The winners will be announced on the discord, forums and ingame!

    Easter Update
    Balanced Shop Economy
    We have balanced the sell and buy prices for /shop as well as added new categories and blocks. Youll also notice sell price increases on farmable items to try and encourage players to build other methods of income.

    Along with the new and improved economy, we have decided to add the Sellall command to elite ranked donators and above.
    /sell hand [quantity] - sell the item held in your hand.
    /sell handall - sells all items in your inventory which are the same as the one being held in your hand.
    /sell all - sells all items in your inventory.

    New and Old Hunger Games Arenas

    Throughout our versions, players have really enjoyed playing our custom built Hunger / Survival Games arenas. We have decided to bring back 5 old arenas along with 1 brand new arena designed and built by myself, @Cookie5110 and @Will. You can access these arenas either by clicking a join sign at /warp hg or by directly joining arena with /hg join <arena>.

    Arenas: New = Village, Old = Forgotten, Valley, Swamp, Temple, Market

    Picture of new Village arena

    Improved Island Upgrades
    We have revamped Island generators almost completely and buffed the prices on hopper upgrades. None of your island upgrade track progress will be lost meaning if you levelup an island upgrade to "Lvl. 8" you will still be at that level of progress although this will mean in some cases the ores that are spawned have changed. There are now 21 levels to upgrade through compared to the original 15 levels. Big thanks go out to @Niko_Flare1 for helping with almost all of the new economy.


    Those of you that max our this island upgrade will notice something special.

    Dropper Levels & Hub

    From playing Minecraft at a young age I've always loved taking part in dropper levels. They're really easy to play, The objective is to try drop down and reach the floor without dying!


    Mob Arena back online

    Since v4 mob arena has been offline due to kits not working. Myself and @Will have reconfigured the plugin to get it working. To join a Mob Arena game simply use /ma join <Bridge or Dome>

    Arena: Bridge

    Arena: Dome

    Balancing Skull Fragments, Nether & End Skulls
    Many of you have suggested that it is quite hard for you to get enough resources for Skull Fragments and therefore obtain Skulls for Nether & End access. So we have decided to nerf the required resources by around 3/4. See picture below for new pricing.

    Buying Fragments: Buying Skulls:
    Changes to keepInventory
    After launching a poll in the new #polls channel in discord in came to my attention that a large amount of the community would prefer the older, keepinv enabled settings that we had in the previous versions of SkullCraft,

    Due to this, We have decided to change back to pre v4 settings which enable keep inventory for The End, Nether and PVP worlds.

    Duels 1v1 Minigame
    Alongside his Events world, CamNewton786 asked me to installed a duels plugin so he could setup some new arenas which would enable players to fight against each other in a 1v1 styled arena. Hollans also help out with building some awesome brand new arenas!


    /duel (player) <money(optional)>
    /spectate (player) to spec during duel
    /duel queue
    /duel top (leaderboard)
    /duel stats <username> (shows match history and ELO on each class)
    /duel toggle (to disable chat spam from requests)

    Other notable changes:
    • Plans to remove Iron Golem Spawners. We will be performing a force buy sell off all Iron Golem Spawners. This is linked to the economy balancing part of this update. Iron Golem spawner types are just to over powered. We either needed to remove them from the server or wipe everything, I hope everyone understands the reason we are removing them.
    • Stripe Payment Gateway has been added to our donation store. This enables you to purchase using a credit or debit card. This was possible using PayPal but some players have required other methods.
    • Enabled SSL (Secure Socket Layer) by purchasing a yearly billed certificate which helps to protect your data when purchasing from our store. (View our SSL report)
    • Server settings for view distance have been changed to 8 Chunks. (previously 6) This was originally reduced to help lag but we are slowly increasing it and testing as we go.
    • Stopped paintings from being cleared by the auto entity clearer.
    Plans for the next update so far:
    • Discord redevelopment
    • Fix Plots world
    • Renew Crate Items
    • Renew Voting Shop Items
    • Fix scoreboard issue
    • These are the most noticeable planned but we have loads more changes and currently reported bugs to fix.
    Staff Promotions
    Over the past few days, we have been recruiting more team members along with promoting @Will to Head Admin.
    @Will is going to have a lot more of an active role as an Admin over the coming future. We have big plans to expand back into a network with multiple gamemodes as soon as possible and having more hands-on desk will only reduce the time it takes to push out updates.

    BlackD1amond - Head Admin
    yuval270 - Developer
    Niko_Flare1 - JrMod
    Ajwhitwell - JrMod
    Hollans - Builder

    As we progress and growth as a community we'd love to hear your suggestions for changes or improvements. We recently opened a #suggestions channel on discord for players to give out ideas and have them rated by others in the community. Discord Invite Link
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