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    FortunatePixel here! I'm quite sure I made one of these a good while ago and if I did, non of the info on there will be relevant to my current self as it was probably poorly written by 11 year old me xD.

    I am currently 15 and a half years of age, and I've been playing SkullCraft since just after I turned 9, in November 2013. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of a community such as this.

    As for my education- I am due to sit my GCSE exams in a years time. I hope to pass these and go onto study English Literature, English Language and History at A-Level, and then to go onto University and do my teaching degree.

    I also hope to become a member of the SkullCraft staff team (Hint, hint)

    My life isn't very exciting, but here are some mildly interesting facts about myself:

    -Including step-siblings, I am the eldest of seven children.
    -I am in a relationship
    -I like food more than I like people.
    -I have an unhealthy obsession with Pepsi.

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