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    Hello SkullCrafters!
    I hope your all having a great start to the second week in March! As many of you will know the Island Competition officially ended last week (5th), since the judges have been spending the time to visit contestants islands and give a score based on their opinions.

    Competition ID - V4 First Island Competition

    Dates - Started 27th Jan 2020 | Ended Thursday 5th March
    Judging System
    Island will be judged by @Digger3205, @Tsuser & @Will using the following grading system;
    Functionality x/10 (Organization of farms, storage, pathways, etc.)
    Farms x/10 (Size and variety of farms.)
    Innovation x/10 (Unique systems, farms, methods, etc.)
    Buildings x/10 (Houses, barns, etc.)
    Creativity x/10 (Themes, aesthetics, etc.)
    The final total is based on an average of each score from the judges.


    1st Place
    $50 coupon
    *For each island member

    2nd Place
    $25 coupon
    *For each island member


    3rd Place
    $15 coupon
    *for each island member

    Detailed score document will be released soon.

    Congratulations to all of the top three islands! Contact @iLewisMC directly (not ingame) to let us know what you'd like to spend your donation credits on!

    We would also like to give all other contestants a $1,000,000 ingame cash prize for taking part!
    1st. @actualCORVUS THREAD /is warp actualCORVUS
    2nd. @Dalphy THREAD /is warp dalphinian
    3rd. @Cookie5110 - THREAD /is warp Cookie5110
    4th. @Niko_Flare1 THREAD /is warp Niko_Flare1
    5th. @Mowmee THREAD /warp Mowmee [Members: Capy]
    6th. @ZadzyPvP THREAD /is warp PufffDaddy
    7th. @GoatOfHyperdeath THREAD /is warp GabTenmaWhite [Members: katesajonas]

    Recent Updates
    Here's a brief overview of recent Bug Fixes, Changes and New releases on the server!

    New releases
    • Nether World Border has been increased from 25k to 35k
    • End World Border has been increased from 10k to 15k
    • Pocket Games have been added! Bored? Check our /pocketgames Its a GUI based games platform that allows you to play over 40 classic games including Cookie Clicker, Snake, Flappy Birds, Minesweeper and so many more!
    • Added a limit recounter button to Spawner/Hopper menus (Preforms cmd: /is limits recount)
    • Dropper Levels! 5 new dropper levels have been added with lots more to come.
    • Shields now won't show up automatically when pvping. You'll need to craft one and put it into your of hand.
    • Increased the maximum limit of exp that can be stored within one xpbottle to 100 levels.
    • Cosmetic improvements to /warp hostile. Also removed some spawners.
    • Changed voting rewards logic/format. 5 votes now give you one large reward.
    • Chat Games will now require at least 15 players online before auto-starting.
    • Increased the Mob per chunk limit to 10 (was 5.) [This is currently set due to reducing lag. We are increasing as we test the impact it has on the performance of the server.]
    • Clear lagg messages have been made clear/simpler.
    • Demoted Derek from JrMod due to inactivity.
    Bug fixes
    • Blocked use of spawn eggs for spawners -Thx Tsuser1
    • Hopper Upgrades GUI bug now fixed.
    • Spawner Upgrades GUI bug now fixed.
    • Tptoggle disabling the use of /back now fixed.
    • Vote/lucky rewards not sending now fixed.
    Known bugs
    • Mobs will sometimes despawn even when they're nametagged. This is a bug directly related to Minecraft itself and not our server software.
    • Sometimes, if you teleport out of nether/end, it will send you to your island even if you didn't intend to go there.
    • Flying void glitch.
    • Players can't enable PvP on their island
    • Everyone can use chat colours
    • MobArena kits/arenas aren't set up correctly for 1.14 changes.
    • Plots are disabled due to being very buggy. It's on my to-do list to have this hopefully replaced with a full auto-generating plot world soon.
    • If there's water on top of an elevator block, you can go downwards, but not back up.
    • Combatlog is very buggy and due for an overhaul.
    Please report any bugs to the 'Problems, Issues, Bugs or Questions' category. As we reach closer toward coming out of beta id love to hear your suggestions for changes or improvement to our community! Please post them in our 'Suggestions' category.
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    Congratulations to all that took place in the island competition.
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    Congrats to all
    If it didn’t happen to you this time then get back up and go dominate next time
    I’m not an administrator but I can guarantee there’s gonna be another island comp and it ain’t gonna be easy to win for sure
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