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    Hey SkullCrafters,
    Many of you will have noticed we went live with Skyblocks latest Build Competition just a few days ago! We've decided to make a dedicated post to ensure everyone understands what to do!

    Competition ID - Minigame Build Competition
    Another Build Competition, but this time the theme is Minigames/Events.
    This gives you guys the opportunity to build your own Maps or Minigames and have the community play to judge them! This could be anything a Hunger Games Arena, Spleef, Dropper, Mob Arena, PVP Arena, 1vs1 Duel Arena, Your own custom minigame? the possibilities are endless!

    All entries will be set up by Staff and played throughout an upcoming weekend by the community. (Please note: If you would like to.. you are allowed to have up to 10 command block locations within your arena. Write down commands and forward to staff) The top three winning entries will be set up as permanent public minigames for people to play forever!

    Dates - Start 12th April 2020 | End 30th April 2020
    Rewards -
    1st. $50 In-store Coupon *For each island member
    2nd. $25 In-store Coupon *For each island member
    3rd. $15 In-store Coupon *For each island member

    Judging -
    Your island will be judged by staff members using the following grading system;
    Creativity x/10 (How creative and unique is the minigame?)
    Fun x/10 (How fun was it to play?)
    Versatile x/10 (Could two play with just as much fun as ten?)
    Buildings x/10 (How much effort was put into building?)

    Your island would be graded out of a max 40 points.

    Submission -
    To submit your island you need to create a post within the General Discussions section of the forums. First, ensure you include '[Minigame Build Competition]' at the beginning of your post title, then detail your island warp and provide at least 5 screenshots of your Minigame. You are allowed to submit as many entries as you would like but your minigame graded with the best score will be automatically chosen as your main entry.

    If you want to, you can upload a video in place of the screenshots, or in addition to them. If you post a video be sure to make it public for people to see and title it something like "SkullCraft Skyblock Minigame Build Competition Entry" and include it with the post on your thread.

    The winners will be announced on the discord, forums and ingame!
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