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Tell me, do you use discord music bots or plugdj to listen to music more? if u dont this is optional

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    Suggestion: A music bot for discord. There should be one in the SkullCraft discord that anyone or just donors idk can use to listen to music and share their playlists or their interests of music with others.

    Evidence: Ok, so the reason I am suggesting a music bot for discord is because everyone is using one and it's easy to use. All staff have to do is find a good music bot (the current ones Mee6 and Dyno are already good enough) and then make it so people can listen to music on it and then add rules like songs with no vulgar language, etc. Now most people would say no because of the plug dj that exists, but to be honest with everyone, nobody really uses that anymore now that discord bots are here. Plugdj has its own separate area, and people would just want to chat with friends while listening to music that is in good quality for everyone instead of one person having to play it and bring it closer to their mic so their friend can listen, plus that its in discord which makes it a whole lot easier. Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion and I am fine if it gets denied or accepted.

    Thanks -Fuzzy
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