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    Hello SkullCrafters,
    I hope your all having a great start to 2020.

    It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of SkullCraft Skyblock V4, we've bounced back and better than ever!

    Players who came online at the end of V3 to back up their things into the virtual chests will have access to them for 1 week from today. /chest

    Version: 1.8-1.15+
    Server Version: 1.14.4 (Soon to be updated to 1.15)

    Main features of V4:
    • Latest in Skyblock Mechanics - V4 uses the latest in developments in skyblock mechanics.
    • 10 NEW Starter Islands - Choose from 10 different starter islands!
    • Island Upgrades - Upgrade aspects such as Border Size, Generator Type, Team Size or Spawner and Hopper Limit.
    • MCmmo - RPG style skills leveling system
    • Menu GUI - GUI menu that connects all of the main server features into one place /menu
    • Settings Menu - Toggle certain features such as Anti-Crop Trample, Player Visibility, Death Msgs, Join/Leave Msgs, Menu Hotbar Btn, Scoreboard, Chairs.
    • Quests - Complete Quests to gain items, perks, and rewards.
    • Health Bar - When damaging a mob their health stats will display above their heads.
    • Nether World Access - Completing a certain quest will give you access to the Nether World.
    • End World Access - Completing all Island Challenges will give you access to the End World.
    • Mob Death Rewards - You can earn money by killing mobs. They have a 15% chance of dropping less than $5.

    Server/Development Stats:
    Estimated hours of development: 1000+ hrs
    Costs post v3: $200.00 (Server/Web Hosting, Domains, Custom Plugins)
    GUI menus: 56 (Over 15k lines of code)
    Quests: 300+
    Plugins installed/configured: 78 (15 Custom coded)
    Back up size: 1.5GB
    Website Members: 193
    Discord Members: 110

    Island Competiton:

    We've decided to host an Island Competition from the day of launch that will run for 1 month.
    All members apart of the winning island will be credited $50.00 each to spend in our donation store!

    Your island will be judged a month after launch by the following grading system;

    Functionality x/10 (Organization of farms, storage, pathways, etc.)
    Farms x/10 (Size and variety of farms.)
    Innovation x/10 (Unique systems, farms, methods, etc.)
    Buildings x/10 (Houses, Barns, Etc.)
    Creativity x/10 (Themes, Aesthetics, Etc.)
    Your island would be graded out of a max 50 points.
    Keep an eye out for the official Island Competition post going live as it will explain how to submit your island for judging.

    Top Monthly Voters:

    We are still going to be running the monthly top voters draw in v4! Due to how late on we are in the month all votes will be drawn 29th Feb 2020. Same as always rewards are as follows 1st $25.00, 2nd $15.00 and 3rd $5.00.

    Recruiting new Staff:

    Shortly after the launch of v4, we will be recruiting a few members of staff to help moderate the gameplay on SkullCraft. If your interest ensures you make a fresh staff application in the correct forum section and be as active as possible on the server over the coming weeks to make an impression.

    Hope to see you all online over the next few days and please spread the word of SkullCraft v4 being reborn!

    Best Regards,
    SC Team
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    Very excited to play!
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