Whats happening with SkullCraft?
Hello all,
Firstly I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the start of 2017!

As you mostly likely know from my previous post, I am now in full time employment and don't have much time on my hands. Hence the reason I am going to be training a co-owner @Doctor_Jaffacake to help me maintain SkullCraft. I now no longer work on a weekend which enables me to have a little more time on my hands.

Plans for SkullCraft v3 Re-launch
SkullCraft will most likely be re-launched within 1 month. (Please not pester me if it's slightly over that). I have been thinking that it would be good to have a new start.. island.. eco.... inventory etc. this would b beneficial in many different ways, Firstly that I could reconfigure the skyblock plugin to allow for island borders around 500-1000 blocks in each direction from your island spawn point, There's possibilities to enable nether and end.. Stabler eco.

Vote for "Should Island's, Eco and Inventories be reset?"

Additional notes:
SkullCraft team isn't what it used to be, Members have left and moved on. We need a dedicated team to help bring SkullCraft out of the shadows.
Over the next few weeks i'm going to be looking for;
  • Suitable staff members (Make sure you've submitted an application)
  • A build team (Send me some screenshots of your builds within PM and if you're good you'll make the team! We like to keep a steampunk/medieval style throughout the builds.)
  • I'm also going to be looking for a media team (Players with youtube accounts above 100+ subs will be eligible for this role)

So for now it's just a waiting game.. Ill keep everyone posted!

Many thanks
Website Launch (v3)!

Firstly I'd like to welcome all of you to our new v3 website, as many of you can most likely see for yourself this website is a large improvement to any of SkullCrafts previous websites and there is still many different features in development and future planning.

"What do I, As a SkullCrafter need todo?"
The first thing that all SkullCrafters should do is create an account on the forums, this is give you access to create your own threads, reply to other members threads, like posts etc. The forums is a place where users can report players and bugs, have general discuss about many different topics. Access the forums here

Improvements thread:
I've also started an improvements thread to the forums so that you guys can give me any suggestions on improving the website further.
You can view that thread here

News on the server:
I am currently still working on getting a 1.9 version of SkullCraft Skyblock open to the public and once that is finished I will resume the development of SkullCraft Prison and The network in general. If you would like to view the progress of updates and changes you can visit the Change Log

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